Thursday, September 7, 2017

Happy 7th Boo Bear--Thanks for a sweet day!

Right after Hurricane Harvey blew past our house, Manny's 7th birthday blew in.  It was lovely blue sky day, completely uneventful and full of sweet birthday happiness.

No really, it was!

There was no birthday trauma, no birthday meltdowns, no birthday resentment.  It was really quite extraordinary.  I almost didn't notice it because it was so very chill.

If you're an adoption mama, you have probably experienced the ups and downs that come with any holiday, including birthdays.  But this one felt really normal and uneventful.

We let Manny open gifts around midday.  He didn't get mad when his siblings crowded around him like vultures, trying to "help" him open his presents.  Then when everything was open and spread around the room, he actually gave one of his presents to his brother.  This wasn't a giant act of kindness, he really just wasn't that impressed with the gift.  But he gave it to his brother!!!

Next all six of them sat at the kitchen table and helped him build the new Legos kit he had just gotten as a present from them.  They played nicely together, there was minimal bickering.  Small miracles were happening right in front of my eyes.

Later that afternoon, Manny and I baked his cake together and he didn't get mad when I let everyone have a turn licking the frosting spoon.

We had his favorite dinner, tortellini, and then the kids watched a movie together.  It was Shaun the Sheep, another birthday gift, and no one complained that he got to pick the movie.  Finally we all sat down to cake, and a couple of them complained about not getting seconds, but got over it quickly when we told them they could have the leftover cake for breakfast.

Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't a perfect day.  But it was a nice, quiet, sweet day.

And I'll take one of those any day of the week.

Happy 7th Birthday to my sweet, sensitive, angel boy.  I love you more than you love Legos and tortellini!
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