Our Adoption Journey to Haven

  • August 2008--We begin adoption #2 and choose the Democratic Republic of Congo as our next country to pursue
  • November 2008--Our homestudy is complete and has been sent to DRC. We now wait for our I-171 to come back from the USCIS
  • December 2008--We got our I-171 and now all we need is a referral.
  • February 2009--We get the call!  We have a referral for a tiny baby boy who we decide to name Haven.  Even though we thought Haven was going to be a girl.
  • Our very first picture of Haven.  He is severely malnourished and suffering from malaria.
  • Sometime in 2009--We hope to bring home Baby Haven, soon soon soon!!!
  • May 2009--Haven arrives home!
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