Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Item Crossed Off the "To-Do" List

First of all I would like to give a great big internet hug to all of you who have donated to Our Family Adoptions on behalf of our adoption. The generosity of our family and friends is always overwhelming. I also want to thank you all for clicking away on the ads next to my posts. I am already making a little bit of money everytime you click. And every teeny, tiny bit will help bring Haven home from the Congo.

Yesterday morning Brian and I got up quite early to rush to the offices of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to be fingerprinted. We had finally recieved our official invitation, so we went down on the first day that I had off of work. For those of you who have lived through the adoption process, you know what an important step this is. We are now pretty much finished with all paperwork and are just waiting for our I-171 to come back from the US government. This is the form that says, "Yes, we know all your deepest, darkest secrets, but we are still going to let you adopt a baby from overseas." So this was a very big item on the "To-Do" list.

Once the I-171 comes back to us, it will also be forwarded to the US Embassy in Kinshasa, DRC, so that they know we have permission for the adoption. So now we are waiting for a referral. The timeline from here on out is very up in the air. Could be several weeks or several months. It is all in God's hands. We just pray each day that Haven is somewhere safe from all the conflict in the Congo. It has been a very scary place to be a baby in the last few weeks. For the latest news on DRC and other world events I have placed a link to CNN world news at the bottom of this page.
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