Sunday, January 4, 2009

All Good Things.......

So tomorrow I have to go back to work after having spent a wonderful two weeks with my two favorite people. I'm not sure I will survive a whole day at school without Grace and Brian. Holidays are great, but going back to school is a very tough transition. However, it will be good for Grace to get back to a more normal schedule. She was sick with an ear infection for the first week of vacation and she has had a rash this week (nothing serious, just itchy). So her sleep and eating have been pretty out of whack. Yesterday she had her first back to normal day playing at the mall and having dinner with Greg and Alicia. Greg always puts her in a good mood.

On an amazing note, my little genius learned to read this weekend. Yes, that's right, READ. We were playing in the bathtub with some new tubbie crayons that she got for Christmas. I wrote the word "dog" on the side of the tub, along with a few other words. I said all the words several times and then later in the bath came back to them. When I pointed at the word "dog" she said it and signed it! She READ! Of course, I didn't have a witness and I couldn't get her to do it again when I called Brian in. So today at lunch I wrote the word "dog" on her coloring page and guesss what!?! She read it again and this time in front of Brian. Ok, ok, I know it is only one word. But she READ!!! What's next?!? Maybe Harvard!!!

You may have noticed that I have made some changes to my blog. I would have never imagined it, but I am becoming a bit of a blog addict. So I hope that somebody is out their reading it, besides Alicia. Unfortunately, since school is starting back up I will have less free time to fiddle with it. I really enjoy doing anything artistic and doing things on the computer allows me to be artistic without actually having much skill!!! But now I have to get back to my real work, directing plays.

This semester we have An Evening of Improv, Antigone Now for contest, and our student playwriting festival. Busy, busy. Between rehearsals we will continue to work on our Little Dresses for Africa project. Remember if you have donations you would like to send us, just drop me a line. We are especially in need to double bias tape, all colors!

No new news on Haven's adoption. We are still waiting for our I-171. It has now been 29 days since we had our USCIS fingerprinting. I am getting a bit antsy, but school will keep my mind occupied. It just makes me sad to think that Haven or any child is suffering through all the conflict in Congo right now. We will keep you posted.
Below is a very short clip of Grace on her new scooter. This is my first try at video. Hope it works!

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