Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good News


Yesterday in the mail we recieved our I-171. Which means we are officially approved by the US government to adopt a baby from overseas. It was the last major piece of paperwork that we were waiting for. For those of you who track this sort of thing, it took 42 days from the time we were fingerprinted to recieve the I-171. Not bad time considering there was Christmas and New Year's holidays in the middle of that wait.

So now we wait some more. Hopefully, we will soon get a referral from the orphanage in Jamaa Letu. Once that happens we wait some more for the official court proceedings to occur in DRC. And then we wait some more to find out when our new daughter will be coming home.

So while we wait...a quick update on Grace. She is, of course, as adorable as ever. She has been talking up a storm this week. Speaking in simple sentences. We don't always know what the sentences mean, but she is saying a lot. She is also definitely doing some reading. We thought it might have just been a fluke, but she reads about 5 words. She is eating more, which is a relief. While she was sick over the holidays she was eating like a bird. And she is one skinny minny already! I do hope she stays that way. Shopping is much easier if you are tall and thin, instead of short and squat like her Mama. A few pics below of our sweet petunia!

Grace looking a bit bored with it all!

That's enough, Mama!

Come on lady, enough with the camera!!!

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