Monday, February 16, 2009

Mugshot Monday--and a bit more news

A rare moment!

Grace is learning to accessorize!

Are you talking to me?!?

Hello folks! If you didn't read out last post go read that first. Then come back here.

Ok, so now you know, we got a referral for a baby boy. We found out today that he is 5 months old and his name is Innocent. Is that beautiful or what? Still no pictures, but we did get a brief medical report. No tests have been run, but in his initial exam he appears healthy. Arrangements are being made to move him to the capital city of Kinshasa where he will be fostered by a Methodist minister and his wife until the adoption can be completed. A lawyer has been hired to complete our adoption and all of our paperwork is already in DRC so as soon as the baby arrives in Kinshasa we should be able to get the ball rolling. OMG!!! I can't believe its happening and I can't believe it's a boy. We've been asked to decide on a name for him, which makes it all seem even more real. We will keep Innocent as his middle name, but as cool as we think it is, it would probably be a hard name to live with in junior high. We had, of course, already picked out the name Haven, but we are unsure if that sounds too much like a girls name to stick with or not? We'll keep you posted!

And a little Grace update. Well, of course, I think she is just getting more amazing by the minute. She is talking up a storm, laughing all the time, keeping us busy busy busy. She never stops moving and she doesn't like to sleep. Everyday there seems to be some new word, some new trick, some new adorable game. This week she has really started to "care" for her stuffed animals. She wants to tuck them in at night and pat them on the head. Last night she had one of those heart melting moments. Each night we pray together as a family. We all hold hands and say a goodnight prayer. So last night we were all in bed reading together and Grace kept trying to get me to hold her teddy bear's paw. I finally figured out that she wanted to say our goodnight prayer and she wanted Bear to be included with the rest of the family. Too too cute!!!

We it has been a very exciting day and I am worn out. Off to bed for me. I hope Grace agrees!

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