Monday, February 9, 2009

Mugshot Monday

Talk to the Hand!

Who thought the chocolate milkshake was a good idea?

I would like to post something besides my Mugshot Monday's, but this week was a mess. Last Monday I had to stay home with Grace because Brian was puking. On Tuesday I made it back to school, but Tuesday night I got sick and I had to miss school Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday I made it back to school, but just barely. This weekend I was still in recovery mode, but we had big plans. Saturday night was the annual FCC (Families With Children from China) Chinese New Year's Banquet. And on Sunday some friends from FCC held their annual Chinese New Year Open House. We don't have a lot of opportunities for Grace to see other kids from FCC so we never want to miss a chance. Today was back to school for me, but with no voice. It think all the throwing up injured my throat. I feel like I need another week to recover from last week.

So along with my favorite pics of the week I have another video clip of Grace. It is about 2 and a half minutes long and I actually did some video editing. Most of what you are seeing is the "fireworks" at the end of the Chinese New Year's banquet. The kids all got chunks of bubble wrap to simulate fireworks. It was too funny! Grace had a ball.

This week I will try very hard to post more than once. Keep an eye out!

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