Saturday, March 7, 2009

DRC in the Headlines and NEWS from our Homefront

Below are a couple of links I wanted to share with all of you. The first is a collection of photos from Congo. Some are very hard to see. Most are from the part of the country that our baby is from. The second link is an article about child soldiers.

Photo Essay on Congo

Article on Child Soldiers

On a much, much happier note--our baby boy has been flown out of Wembo Nyama to Kinshasa and is now in the home of his foster parents. A minister and his wife will be caring for him while our adoption is in process. He has already been seen by a doctor in Wembo Nyama and was proclaimed "healthy". No real details yet, but we have gotten word that he was tested for HIV and that test is clear. He will recieve a more complete physical evaluation in the next few weeks. We hope to get some pictures sometime next week.
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