Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brian Called

A quick update from Brian--He called at about 9:00am, early evening in Kinshasa. They had a big storm last night and it knocked out the power. They think there may not be any power the rest of the time he is there. What a drag!!! It is about 85 degrees and no air conditioning, no fans, nothing! And he said unless it is really stormy, there is not a hint of a breeze. He has decided not to bother having any of his laundry done because everything is lined dried and he is sure nothing will actually ever get dry. So he is opting for dirty over mildewed! He sounded a bit droopy on the phone. He really misses Grace and has had nothing to do for the last two days, but sweat! Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better. They have doctor and embassy appointments and both offices have airconditioning!

Haven is doing great and eating like a horse. I guess he is making up for lost time! He was doing a lot of babbling in the background of our phone call. Brian said he smiles a lot and claps his hands. So far he is an easy baby. Brian said he might call again later today. I'll keep you posted!
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