Saturday, April 25, 2009

Update from Brian

****Breaking news--just got off the phone with Brian. Everything went ok at immigration, but they were there for about 5 hours. Most of the paperwork that has to be processed has already been done for Group 2. Apparently the other couple that was supposed to travel with Brian missed a connection somewhere and did not meet Brian and Chris in Johannesburg. But they will be arriving in Kinshasa any time now. Their daughter that is waiting for them at the guest house is just a little bit older than Grace.

It is about 5:00pm in Kinshasa and they have been without power for awhile. It came on in the middle of phone our call. Today was a do nothing day for them and tomorrow will be, too. They can go to a church service tomorrow, but it will be in French so Brian isn't sure he will bother with it and dealing with Haven.

Haven has had 2 naps today and he is eating well. He sits up himself and he can hold himself standing at a coffee table. He doesn't try to move around alot, but will try to reach for the ball if you roll it to him. Brian said so far he is an easy baby, doesn't cry much, seems to be pretty laid back. Hope all that lasts! He said Kinshasa is freaky. You just can't fathom how many people there are and the overwhelming poverty. He said the its not too hot today, its raining, but everything feels uncomfortable and you never feel clean. And Brian is a pretty outdoorsy kind of guy so it must be pretty unpleasant for him to comment about it. He starts his trip home on Friday. This will be the longest week of my life!!!

He will call me again tomorrow morning, so I will update probably in the evening. Our phone bill is going to be insane, but I miss him so and he misses me and especially Grace, so we will probably call way more than we should!
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