Sunday, May 24, 2009

Let's Talk Poop

Everyone is napping (and all in their own rooms). So I have a few minutes to post a question to all of you in blogland: Are there any real tricks to potty training or do we just have to wait around for Grace to get inspired to use the pot, while the diaper pile keeps getting higher and higher?

Grace is now 2 years and 1 month old, and I know we don't need to panic yet, but we had hoped to have her potty trained before we brought Haven home. Of course, we didn't expect to have him home quite so soon and I'm not complaining about that, but jeez Louise, diapers are expensive. Plus, Grace has gotten to stinkin' long to fit on the changing table.

Grandma Ione tried her hand at potty training while Brian was in Congo, but with no luck. All she managed was to create an M&M addicted toddler. But we got no pee or poop in the pot!!! Well, if any of you have any smart advice, please feel free to chime in. I'm going to be doing a little research on-line this weekend. I discovered a new site called The Parent Bloggers Network at They review products and services for parents. They are teaming up with Pullups Brand at on a potty training website. They are also giving away some cool prizes, so I guess I will start my research there. If I can't get Grace out of diapers, maybe I can win a new camera!!!

See you tomorrow for Mugshot Monday!
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