Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Today's post is just for Aunt Cathy.......
Snoozing with Daddy

Look Mom, no hands!
Ready for the Astros!

In Grandma Ione's Arms

So, I haven't gotten around to reading the book "Siblings Without Rivalry" yet, but so far so good. While Daddy was still sick in bed, Grace, Haven and I spent the afternoon playing together!!! It was beautiful. I'm sure there will be more rivalry to come and Grace has been very sensitive for the last two days, but it was amazing to watch her actually playing with her new brother. Check the video for a small glimpse. Unfortunately, I didn't get the funniest bit on video. Grace thought it was hilarious to tip Haven backwards onto a pillow. He would giggle and then she would giggle and then we would prop him back up and do it again. He can't sit himself up yet so he just looks like a little giggling turtle stuck on his back. We had to nip that game in the bud, however, because Grace was starting to enjoy pushing her brother down a little too much! Check back for more fun and games!

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