Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mugshot Monday--Oops I Forgot Again

Good Morning, Mommy!!!
Nobody wakes up happier than Haven!

Talk to the Hand Puppet!!!

Grace is taking an important business call
Attack Baby!!!

The boys are horsing around.

Haven is so ready to start walking!

Our little Big Kahuna!

And its not like I was busy doing anything else. I guess I just had a brain-fart. We were probably out in the swimming pool and I just got distracted. We have been swimming most evenings after dinner. Grace and Haven both LOVE the pool. It is so much fun to play with them in the water.

I might have been working on our new OFA Congo Adoption Yahoo group. I have added a button to the right. If anyone reading out there is a past or current OFA family please join our new Yahoo group. It will be a place where we can all keep in touch, provide advice and support, give travel tips, and keep our children connected after the adoption process has been completed. We have two families that we have kept in close contact with since Grace's adoption and I hope that we can keep some close relationships with some of Haven Congolese brothers and sisters.

On Tuesday my excuse for not updating was a very interesting documentary on PBS called "The Reckoning". It was about the International Criminal Court and their cases against war criminals in Uganda, Columbia, and DRC. There were some really disturbing images, but in it is certainly a story that more people need to hear. The ICC exists but the United States won't join. I was very disappointed in our nation for not taking a lead in prosecuting criminals in crimes against children and other innocent civilians. It is definitely worth a watch for anyone that has the time. You can watch The Reckoning in its entirety at this link!

The video clip below is of Haven using his first baby sign. He is signing "more"! What a genius! If you listen carefully he sounds like he is saying "more", too. He is constantly talking. I think we have a future debater on our hands.

One last tibit of wonderful news: Baby Cassie, the baby refered to Lauree and Jeff will be taken in by Pastor and Mama Loma, the wonderful foster family that cared for Haven! I am so happy about this news. Cassie is in good hands! Read more at Lauree's blog!

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