Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WOOOOHOOOO--Another Baby Coming Home From DRC

I am so excited. Our dear friends Lauree and Jeff just got a referral for a 2 month old baby girl. Read more details (but not a lot more, they don't know a lot of details yet) on their blog. I am so excited and so happy. This is one of the families that we traveled to China with when we brought Grace home. Their darling Jenna is one of Grace's orphanage sisters. And now they will have a beautiful baby girl, named Cassie, that will grown up with our Haven just a few hours away. They are totally blown away by how quickly all this is happening and how young their new daughter is, but I spoke with Lauree on the phone last night and she sounds so happy! And I have to say that I feel so blessed that I could have some part in darling Cassie coming home. Lauree was probably our biggest supporter when we decided to adopt Haven from DRC, filling her blog with prayers and sending us care packages. I just knew that Lauree's heart would end up in DRC, too! God is watching over these precious gifts and bringing them home to families filled with love. I know I am supposed to be helping these children and helping families bring them home. Still searching for just the right path!

Will keep you posted about Lauree and let you know as soon as she gets a picture to show us! To tide you over check out this blog, Our Storibook! This is another family that I recently met through the blog who just got a referral for 2 adorable brothers from the same orphanage that sponsored Haven!
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