Monday, September 7, 2009

And He's UP!!!--Mugshot Monday

It was a big weekend for our big boy Haven. He stood up!!! He stood right in the middle of the living room and pushed himself to standing with no assistance from the furniture or anything. And then he spent all weekend practicing his new trick. He will be walking in no time flat!

Now his trip to standing was not without some drama. We had lots of near misses and failed attempts.

We also had lots of face plants. This kid has got one tough nose. And each time he face plants he rolls over giggling!!!

Grace has been very affectionate lately with little brother. She thinks it is especially fun to grab him from behind and tickle him. Or to drag him backwards by his ankles. He doesn't mind the tickling, but he hates the ankle grab. Of course, she won't be able to drag him for long. He only weights 3lbs less then she does!!!

Grace is getting ready for Halloween a bit early. She discovered this in closet and insisted that she get to put on the "butterfly". But we could just barely squeeze her into it. So we might have to come up with something else by October 31. But what a lovely butterfly she is!!!
Finally, a cute video of clip of my piano virtuosos! Yes, our house is always that noisy!

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