Saturday, April 3, 2010

Three is a Magic Number...

...yes it is, its a magic number.  Any School House Rock fans out there?

Well, three is magic this week because my Sweet Petunia, my Grendal, my little GravyBoat (the funny names parents come up with?), my angel Grace is now three years old.  Where did the time go!

Grace is not a baby anymore.  She is a big girl.  She has very definite big girl opinions.  Here are some things you should know about Grace, now that she's three.

Grace is a girl.  No really.  A really girlly girl.  I could never have imagined there could be such a boy/girl difference between Grace and Haven, but it is extraordinary. 

Grace does not eat.  At best she eats sporadically.  She's like one of those ferns you hang on your wall that live off of air.  She is tall and willowy.  In spite of the fact that she does not eat she is growing and healthy.

Grace prefers dresses, especially pink swingy dresses.  That's what her Daddy prefers, too.  Thank goodness spring is here and it's dress weather again.

Much to my chagrin, Grace adores princesses.  This is her father's fault.  He bought her the Barbie Island Princess video in a moment of weakness and it has been down hill since.

Grace has a bit of mean streak.  Haven adores Grace, wants to do everything she does, say everything she says, be by her side at every moment.  Sometimes this gets on Grace's nerves and she lashes out with some mean big sister tricks. 

Grace has a sort of bizarre obsession at the moment with flowers.  We can't get in the car unless she has picked a flower to carry on the ride.  Maybe someday she will be a botanist. 

Or maybe a tatoo artist.

Do you remember this little sweet potato?

Can you believe she has grown up to be this big girl?  Neither can I, and it sort of breaks my heart.  Tomorrow she'll want to get something pierced, or drive a car, or date.  Oh my, I think I'd better go lay down.  I'm feeling a little faint!

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