Monday, June 7, 2010

Mugshot Monday--Angels Among Us

No, not Grace and Haven.  They're pretty cute and all, but they definitely are not angels.  Haven has had a fever off and on for the past week (some mystery virus according to the doctor) and when the fever has been off he has been an absolute maniac.  And Grace is just one great big ball of 3 year old histrionics.  Welcome to summer vacation.

The angel I'm talking about is a dear blogging friend who donated $500 to OFA on our behalf.  I have to tell you I am absolutely overwhelmed at the generosity of someone who I have never even met face to face.  Not everyone has been supportive of our decision to adopt again.  So to know that I have people like my angel, and so many other blogging and OFA friends who understand and are praying for us, well it just gets me all misty and choked up.  So thank you, my angel friend.  Two sweet babies in DRC are thanking you, too!

At this moment my sweet potatoes are on the big bed watching Peter Pan.  They are both giggling and talking to each other.  All of a sudden Haven has had one of those leaps forward in language development.  You can really understand a lot more of his words, but he is also having actual conversations with us and with Grace.  And sometimes she is even interpreting for us.  As they watch their movie, Grace is wearing a pair of swim goggles.  She loves to go underwater, but she won't open her eyes.  So we are going to try these out tomorrow.  But for tonight they are apparently helping her see the TV better.  She is all about fashion!

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