Monday, November 1, 2010

So Much Catching Up

I hardly know where to start I am so far behind.  I will probably need to break this into a few posts.  But here are the highlights.

  • Haven turned 2.  Oh my goodness, did he turn 2.  I will do a post later on the trials and tribulations that come with that birthday.  He is still my little lover boy, but so full of the nick!
  • We got our REFERRALS!  We will be bringing home 2 more beautiful boys.  They are both around 3 to 4 months old.  Yes, we really got babies.  We have no idea when they will be coming home, but we are sending up big prayers that it will be around Christmas time!  Please send up some prayers on our behalf.  Also, please pray that they stay healthy until we can bring them home.
  • Halloween came and went.  I'm not a big Halloween person.  Maybe as a theatre director the novelty of dressing up in costumes isn't so novel for me.  But my sweet potatos sure did look cute in their costumes.  I'll get some of those pics up sometime soon.
  •  We've been picked! Our family was chosen for an amazing adoption fundraiser to help us bring home our 2 new baby boys. During November Hip Mom Jewelry will donate 30% of the purchase price from any necklace in their Adoption Collection to our adoption fund. When you order you will need to enter our Family Code--WOO1110. Our family code is the first three letters of our last name followed by 1110. These pieces would make wonderful Christmas presents for all the Congo, China, Ethiopia, or any other mamas or grandmamas in your life.  So blog readers, please take a look at the link below and start doing your Christmas shopping or sending not so subtle hints to your hubbies.  We are only getting this fundraiser for the month of November.

Ok, I promise I will post pictures, write more often, and followup on this post!
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