Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Need a Stunt Double for My Next Vacation

We just got home today from a lovely trip to visit lots of friends and OFA families.  It was wonderful except:

  • I fell down in Stori's kitchen and I have huge bruises on both knees.  I was carrying both of the baby boys (probably part of why I fell) and I hit a slippery spot and went crashing down.  Neither baby hit the floor, but my old bones hit very hard on that tile.
  • Yesterday morning in our hotel room, I slipped in the shower and once again went crashing down.  I fell out of the shower, banged my back on the edge of the tub, hit my head on the toilet, my elbow on the tile floor, and tore down the shower curtain.  No I am not making this up.  Brian is a really good husband.  He has not made fun of me once over this incident.  He did come into the bathroom where I was laying on the floor crying and ask "Do you want to take a bath instead?"
  • I am covered from knees to neck in a very itchy mystery rash.  Probably heat rash (I spent a lot of time outside sweating with the kiddos).  My skin looks like raw hamburger. Very sexy.  I'm sure it looked great when I was laying naked on the bathroom floor.
  • With just 4 hours left in our trip home (we were on the road for 3 days straight) Grace threw up in the car and all over my arms.  And this was happening on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere Louisiana and it was about 110 degrees outside (not exaggerating, really 110) while the puke was flying.  This is the first time Grace has ever thrown up (not including spitting up as a baby).  She handled herself pretty well considering the circumstances.  Not a lot of crying or hysteria, just puking.
We just got home.  The babies are in bed.  Grace and Haven both have 100+ fevers.  I am covered in bruises and I have a pretty good dent in my head. 

Its a good thing my vacation is over.  I may not have survived another day!

I will post lots of great pictures and happier memories of our trip if we all make it through the night.
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