Sunday, August 28, 2011

What I Found in Manny's Mouth

Mouth open and ready for anything!
So you think your house is baby proof when you bring the sweet little creatures home.  You've cleaned and stored, covered and locked.  But then you add a baby to the room and they expose all your weaknesses.  Manny is that kid who finds every object that could be potentially hazardous and puts it in his mouth.  Here is  a small sampling of the things we've found in Manny's mouth:
  • dog food
  • car keys
  • money
  • poker chips
  • those stupid little rubber bracelets that look like different shapes when they are laying flat
  • hair bands
  • socks
  • underpants
  • toilet paper--unused
  • paper towels--used
  • other random chunks of paper--sources unknown
  • Brian's flipflops
  • disgustingly old food from under the couch cushions
  • a brazil nut, still in its shell
  • water bottle lids
  • leaves
  • twigs,
  • sticks
  • dirt
  • poop (dog)
  • dvd
  • comb
  • brush
  • pen
  • pencil
  • chunks of a nerf ball which he bit into like he was eating an apple
  • Blackberry charger
  • Blackberry
  • knob off my sewing machine cabinet
  • paper clips
  • match box cars
  • an earring
  • and many more items that I just can't recall right now
And all this from a kid who some days eats more than our other 3 kids combined.  He's got some appetite!

mmmm....sticks, my favorite!
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