Saturday, September 17, 2011

The New Normal

My two sweet peas in a pod
 I heard this expression "the new normal" while listening to NPR the other day and it really stuck in my head.  We all go through changes, seasons, but our family is really experiencing a new normal in a big way.  For almost 20 years of marriage it was just me and Brian and that was just fine.  We loved our life together and for 20 years it was our normal.  And we had a long time to get used to it.

Even when Grace came home things didn't change that much.  She was just one kid.  We still outnumbered her.  We could throw her in a pouch and take her anywhere. 

But now there are four.  Four is our new normal.  Four is a big change.  Below are some of the new normals that I have noticed lately in our world.

Old--We were a family of 2 living in a 3 bedroom house
New--We are a family of 6 living in a 3 bedroom house

Old--We had all the peace and quiet we ever wanted
New--There is always someone touching you and usually someone crying or screaming

Old--Our house was always tidy
New--Our house is only tidy for social worker visits

Old--We loved our jobs and spent many hours each week working overtime
New--Brian stays home with the kids and I rush home from work the minute I can

Old--We used to eat out several times a week at any restaurant we wanted
New--We only eat at restaurants with playgrounds

Old--I used to read at least a book a week
New--I only have time to read while sitting on the toilet (and even then I might not be alone) or I only get to read books with lots of pictures

Old--My husband and I could be "romantic" anytime and anywhere
New--What's my husband's name again?

Old--My name was Carrie and I think my husband's name might have been Brian
New--We are just Mommy and Daddy

Old--I drove a cute yellow convertible
New--I drive an old gold minivan (and soon even that will be too small)

Old--I only watched sophisticated comedies and news shows on TV
New--I rarely watch TV, but when I do its usually Calliou or Word World

Old--I loved going to the movies to see romantic comedies
New--My favorite romantic comedy is Tangled

Old--Other people's kids were a little annoying
New--My kids are the most amazing, extraordinary, spectacular gift from God, that I never could have begun to dream of

Old--I wouldn't have traded my life with anyone
New--I can't believe all that I was missing and I would never want to trade my life with anyone!

In a few months we'll have to adjust our normal once again.  Wonder what that will look like?

Someone is always touching you and it is so hard to type with a pack of boys on your lap!

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