Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Love! A quote, a shirt, a way of life!

"I have found the paradox that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love."
--Mother Teresa

From the moment we knew were were adopting again we knew we would have to do some very creative fundraising.  I also knew that I wanted to design a t-shirt for the occasion.  I mean, everybody loves a t-shirt, right?  So for weeks I have been mulling over ideas, designs, contacting printers, making new designs, and then a few more.  I have also forced some very dear and patient friends to stare at all my ideas and give me feedback.  They have been wonderfully supportive.

My friend Stori suggested I should create something bold and graphic.  I saw a few ideas out there on the internet, but I didn't want to steal anyone else's concept.  This t-shirt was about my family, my passion, my journey.  But I also didn't want it to be too adoption specific or country specific.  I wanted lots of people to want this shirt because it speaks to them, not just because they want to support us.  Although, I definitely want them to support us, too!

So I turned to the words of Mother Teresa, one of the most inspirational (and highly quotable) humans to ever walk the earth.  And I found the quote above.

It almost jumped off the page.  The words just spoke to my heart. MORE LOVE.  Why are we adopting? MORE LOVE. How can we embrace the children that become our family and the children left behind in an orphanage. MORE LOVE.  What does the world need now? MORE LOVE.  Duh!

So More Love has become my theme, my mantra.  And my t-shirt.  TaDa!!!

click on the shirt for a larger view
I hope you love it.  I hope you buy one.  Just click on the t-shirts in the right column and you can order yours from my new More Love Store.  The shirts are Gildan brand and the color is "Serene Green".  We will be taking orders for the next 3 weeks and then I will send my order in to my printer.  I'll get the shirts back about 1 week later and then get them in the mail to you.  The shirts are $25, which includes shipping, or two shirts for $40.  You should really buy two shirts.  That's a great deal! 

In fact, you should do all your Christmas shopping in one spot this year and buy 15 or 20 shirts.  Wouldn't it be the coolest feeling in the world to know that you could have all your Christmas shopping done for all your family and friends in the next 15 minutes.  And at the same time you could be helping 2 little girls join their forever family.  It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.

Or wouldn't this shirt make a great door prize for your Bunko club or church function.  Or cool matching shirts for your bowling team.  Hey, the uses for this shirt are endless!
Another really cool thing about this shirt is it is actually helping two families.  My dear friend Lauree is also adopting right now.  A sweet toddler boy to join her 3 other kids, all adopted internationally.  We are working together to sell a jillion of these shirts and then splitting the profits between our two families adoption funds.  So you're really helping 3 kids get home!!! How cool is that!

Alright, that's enough talking from me.  Get out there and show the world you've got MORE LOVE, too!  For more information feel free to email me at

Be sure to visit our More Love Store again in coming weeks for more fundraising products!

And spread MORE LOVE!!!!
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