Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Forget Black Friday--Shop Green Tuesday!--It's a Giveaway!!!!!!

That's right, today I have declared my own shopping holiday!  Who wants to march around in crowded stores with a bunch of angry shoppers?  Who wants to get to the store only to discover they are already out of the item you wanted?  Who wants to stand in the check out line for hours and hours?  Not me! 

So avoid all those awful holiday shopping stresses and shop at:

Shop now or in the middle of the night.  Shop in your pajamas.  Shop in the privacy of your own bathtub if you'd like.  Shop, Shop, Shop!  And shop knowing that every dollar you spend helps bring home two more babies to the Wood Family home.  Two sisters for Grace, Haven, Manny, and JoJo.  Two more kiddos who won't be spending their lives in an orphanage.  Two lives for ever changed.....

and all for the price of a t-shirt.

"What do I need from the MORE LOVE store", you might be asking yourself.  Well we have got the perfect gift for every member of your family (OK that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I'm pretty sure I heard it once on a commercial)

It's the perfect gift for almost everyone on your holiday shopping list:

  • for people who like LOVE
  • for people who like MORE
  • for people who like the color green
  • for people who like catchy quotes on their clothes
  • for people who are Catholic and like Mother Teresa
  • for people who aren't Catholic and like Mother Teresa anyway
  • for people who connected to adoption
  • for people who are not connected to adoption
  • for people who only wear t-shirts
  • for your grumpy old brother-in-law who never likes anything you get him anyway and you might as well buy a gift that supports a good cause! (no, I'm not talking about you, Jeff and Craig)
If you happen to be one of the rare exceptions to the "this shirt is the perfect gift" rule, we also have handmade blankets made with Congolese fabric, beautiful hand painted art cards, really cool leather and shell key chains in the shape of Africa, adorable hair bows, Congolese jewelry, and kids t-shirts with Africa appliques made from Congolese fabric.

So many choices!  Way better than a trip to Hell-Mart or the Mall!  You'll save time, energy, and it will be money well spent!

And to sweeten the deal:  A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

To say thank you to all of the folks who have already purchased from our store or made donations along with any of you who make purchases between now and Sunday, December 4 at Midnight, we are giving away a beautiful collection of African Gifts pictured below including a hand woven Congolese basket, a set of hand painted art cards, an African key chain, a handmade Congolese doll, a hand carved Congolese trinket box, a wooden black bangle bracelet, and a black/turquoise wooden bead necklace.

Would you like to win this wonderful collection of gifts?  Here's all you have to do:

1 entry--leave me a comment if you have purchased a MORE LOVE t-shirt.  You'll get an entry for every shirt you buy. 

1entry--leave me a comment if you have made a donation to the Wood Family Adoption Fundraiser.

1 entry--leave me a comment if you have purchased a Congolese blanket.  You'll get an entry for every blanket you buy.

1 entry--leave me a comment if you write a blog entry about this giveaway.  Be sure to send me the a link to your blog post in your comment and be sure to include a link to this post on your blog.

1 entry--leave me a comment if you become a follower of my blog or if you are already a follower.

1 entry--leave me a comment if you become a follower of Brian's blog,  www.daddygototimeout.blogspot.com  or if you are already a follower.

1 entry--leave a comment if you share this post about the giveaway on Facebook.

1 entry--leave a comment if you "like" and "share" the MORE LOVE: Wood Family Adoption Fundraiser  page on Facebook.

Whooo!  I'm beat!  Look at that crazy list of opportunities to earn winning entries.  Alright folks, start shopping, start commenting, start winning!!!  The winner of our giveaway will be announced in the evening on Tuesday, November 29.  Tuesday, December 6.  That's just one week away!!!  Remember, all purchases made between now and Sunday at midnight will count as entries.  So.....


at the

By the way, the lovely basket and doll were donated by the wonderful Holly Mulford.  Check out her blog at http://kitumaini.blogspot.com/ and if you can please support her amazing charity work with the Tumaini Orphanage at http://www.tumainidrc.org/index.html 

The beautiful art cards and key chain were donated by my dear friend Stori Sullivan.  You can check out her blog at http://ourstoribook.blogspot.com/

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