Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Tonight Grace told a big old bold faced lie. 

Oh Boy.  What's next!  Stealing cars?  Breaking into houses? 

She took a little plastic golf ball away from Manny and then threw it in the playroom. That was a bad idea.  You don't take things away from Manny.  He started to wail a particular noise that he makes when someone has taken something away from him.  And when Manny screams, Mommy yells. 

Grace, for some reason was having a bad day.  She and Haven had already spent the better part of the afternoon in their bedrooms for taking jewelry out of my bedroom to play dress up with AND being in possession of a pair of kids safety scissors (its like a crime ring around here!!!)  

When Grace is having a bad day she tends to take it out on everyone else in the house.  And today Manny was her target. 

Haven was standing closer to the crime victim.  When I asked in my menacing mommy voice "Who made Manny cry?" Haven immediately pointed at Grace.  And when I asked Grace she said it was Haven.  So we knew we had a liar on our hands.  But which one would it be. 

I probed, I interrogated, I questioned, I studied their guilty little mugs, but I just couldn't identify the culprit.  So I sent them both back to their rooms.  And after being faced with solitary confinement Grace finally cracked.  With face covered in tears she admitted that she had taken the golf ball.

Why the vicious attack on Manny?  "He was bothering me". 

Good Lord, if I lashed out at every person that bothered me in a day I would have been locked up years ago. 

So readers, what do we do now?  Are we in for a big giant slalom slippery slope of lying from our sweet princess who can do no wrong?  Are we headed down a path of crime and punishment?  Is she gonna lie every time we ask her a question?  Holy Jamoly! Am I ready to parent a 4 and half year old?  I don't think she knew how to lie when she turned 4.  When does this happen?  Where does it come from?  Who did she learn this from???? Eeeekkkk! 

Well, at least Haven is still Innocent!

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