Sunday, November 6, 2011

More Love Sunday

Today was Orphan Sunday and we had a wonderful celebration of the day at our church.  We all wore our MORE LOVE t-shirts, including Grace in her custom made t-shirt dress.  I was given the opportunity to share our adoption stories with the church, which I blubbered through because I can't get through a conversation about my kids with out tearing up.

Below is Geraldine, an amazing woman and foster care parent.  Check out that cool shirt she's sporting!  I bet you'd like to know how to get your picture right here next Sunday.  Well, if you've already purchased one of our MORE LOVE t-shirts then get out your camera and send me a picture.  Next weekend you could be right here, in Geraldine's spot!  I'll feature one or two MORE LOVE pics every Sunday and hopefully we won't run out of pictures until we bring home our girls.  Send your pics to me at or via Facebook.

But wait, you say you don't have a MORE LOVE t-shirt yet??? Holy Jamoly, you better order one today.  Just click on the shirt on the right hand side bar. Or visit our MORE LOVE Store by clicking here.  Our shirts are selling like hotcakes (and I'm not just saying that as a trite marketing ploy, we really have sold a lot of shirts, but we'd LOVE to sell lots more MORE) so be sure to order soon!!!  We've ordered our first 100 shirts from our printer, but we would love an excuse to order 100 more.

Also, be sure to check out some of the other great items we have for sale at our store.

Doesn't Grace make an adorable model for our shirt!  Ignore the squinting lady to her right.  We couldn't photoshop her out of the picture. 

Below is a shot from after church today.  By the way, we attend Trinity Vineyard.  Three of the 4 kids in this picture are adopted.  What a great church for our family!!!

Finally, as a little more incentive for you to purchase your MORE LOVE t-shirt, a way to sweeten the deal let's say,  I'll let you see a short video clip of my very cute kids.  Don't click on the video if you're not going to buy a shirt because I will know!!! (OK, that part is a lie.  I have no way of knowing whether you watched video or not.  And they're so cute, I really want everyone to watch it, but you really should buy a shirt, too.)  Enjoy!

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