Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Three is a Magic Number

Haven is now three years old.  OK, three years and one month.

And why has it taken me a month to write a blog about Haven's birthday?  Well, it's Brian's fault really.  I've been waiting for him to take Haven to his three year old well-kid doctor's appointment.  But he keeps forgetting to make the appointment and since there are no vaccinations at the three year appointment and Haven is healthy as a horse right now, it hasn't been a really urgent thing to worry about.  Plus, as you might have read in one of my earlier posts, taking the kids to the doctor's office is no easy task.  We have to be very strategic about when the appointment is so that we don't conflict with my work schedule or Grace's school schedule.  Anyway, we think Haven looks pretty normal for three.  I'll update you on his height/weight/development when the results are in.  Hopefully sometime before he turns four.

So I must admit, I have not enjoyed three on Haven as much as I did on Grace.  When Grace turned three she immediately started to mellow out.  Fewer "terrible two" type tantrums, longer attention span, and just a generally more pleasant little creature to spend time with.

Haven, not so much.  He cries more now, whines more now, argues more now.  He will repeat the same question 752 times in a row, until you think your brain will explode.  He won't eat anything except goldfish crackers.  He is very illogical. 

Part of the problem is mine.  He is almost as tall as Grace.  He communicates well.  He has a pretty sophisticated sense of humor.  All these things make him seem older than just three.  We expect him to keep up with Grace and behave like Grace.  But his little brain just isn't four yet, its only three.

On the flip side, Haven is a very sweet and sensitive boy.  He always tells me I look pretty in whatever I wear.  If I'm feeling sick or sad, he picks up on it and checks to make sure I'm alright.  We say a goodnight prayer each night when I put him to bed and he always has a long list of people to prayer for including his baby brothers and Grace.  He hates to spend a minute away from Grace.  He is so full of music and giggles.  His dimples make him possibly the most mischievous looking child in the world.  His twisty hair and funny faces make me belly laugh out loud.  He loves the color green, his orange blanket, and eating baked potatoes with a crazy intensity.  He is daddy's boy through and through, since the day we brought him home and you gotta love a boy that loves he daddy!

OK, I guess he's not so bad...for a three year old.

I often wonder what my kids will be when they grow up.  Haven will be someone that makes other people happy.  How could he miss with a smile like that!
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