Monday, December 19, 2011

Mugshot Monday--Trimming the Tree

Over Thanksgiving weekend we put up our Christmas tree.  Since then JoJo has tried to climb it, Manny has tried to eat it, Haven has tried to electrocute himself on it. 

And everyday since then Grace has redecorated it.  Maybe a bulb or two has been adjusted.  Maybe a candy cane or two have been consumed.  On this particular day Grace decided it was missing something, so she added her own kind of Christmas decorating flair.  Check out the "ornaments" that are currently calling our tree home!


hair rollers

dragon hand puppet

panda bear

baking dish from kids kitchen filled with Candyland cards

hippo hand puppet

red truck

wash cloth


thomas the train

And I believe I see some mardi gras beads.  This tree must be straight out of the pages of Martha Stewarts Living!!!
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