Tuesday, January 24, 2012

one MORE to LOVE--a new Baby L

So I'm still feeling a bit unsettled at the loss of little Lisette, but we knew that if we were going to bring home 2 little girls at the same time that we would have to get another referral very quickly or the two girls would be way out of sync on their court process timeline.  So we dove right back in and we were very blessed this weekend to have received another referral. 
I'm taking a lot of deep breaths.  And I'm a bit afraid to exhale. 

Our new Baby will be another Baby L.  As you might already know, our kids names are in alphabetical order: Grace, Haven, Immanuel, Josias, Baby K, and Baby L.  We thought about skipping the L since it already belonged to Lisette and moving on to M, but we couldn't find just the right M name.  Plus, I was a little concerned about my kids having to have the conversation later in life about why there was no L in their family name list.  So there will be a Baby L.  I'm really excited about the name we have chosen.  And who knows, maybe there will be a Baby M some other day???

As with Baby K, we are not sharing any pictures on the blog until the girls are safely home in our arms.  Then you will be forced to see hundreds of their pictures.  But until then just imagine a tiny little face with creamy brown skin and sleepy eyes.  Chubby cheeks and a beautiful cupids bow set of lips.  Baby L looks remarkably like Baby K.  So much so that I put the pictures side by side on my computer to make sure they weren't the same baby.  If nothing changes, they will definitely look like sisters.

I can't wait for you to see them for yourselves!

I can't wait to hold them in my arms.  So here we are, back to waiting again.  Send up some prayers for us that this wait has a happy ending.  I don't know if my heart can take anything less than a fairytale from here on out.  I'm ready for a house full of princesses!

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