Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Flu-like Symptoms

On Sunday I thought it was just a crummy cold.

By Monday the body aches and fever kicked in.

Around 7pm my stomach joined the party.

On Tuesday I spent 12 hours straight in bed or on the couch (or in the bathroom).  Every time I stood up, I threw up.

Wednesday has been filled with constant nausea and frequent trips to the loo. 

In light of all this quality time spent about to puke, I have not done the drawing for our Valentine's Day giveaway.  And I didn't get to eat any Valentines chocolate.  As soon as I can sit up for more than 15 minutes at a time (I am laying down and typing right now)  I will get the winners announced!  In the mean time if you want to slip in any extra donations or purchases, I would probably let that slide.

Please LORD, do not let anyone else in my house get what I got!!!  It would not be pretty! 

But these two peas in a pod sure are :)

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