Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's Time to Fly

If you wondered why no blog post in several days its because we got the call.  THE call.  The one that says "Come get your babies, the wait is over!!!"  I guess its sort of like going into labor.  Except that with like most everything else in adoption, it takes a little longer than childbirth.  So we booked our flights and we have been frantically preparing for the trip.  And waiting the agonizingly long week that we have had to wait before we can actually get on the plane.

I've packed and unpacked and repacked.  I've weighed my bags a gazillion times to see if I could squeeze in one more bib, more more diaper, more more pack of gum.  After all, we won't be able to just run over to Walmart if we run out of anything.  We can't just drive through McDonald's if we don't like what they're serving for dinner at the guest house.  We have to prepare for every scenario that we can think of.

We've also had to prepare our kids for being home for a week or two without Mommy and Daddy.  A very wonderful person helped us get a swing set for the kids.  We thought this would be a great distraction for while we were gone and save Grandma and Grandpa from having to keep up with everyone at the park.  I've talked at length every night to Grace about all the fun she will have with Aunt Cathy while we're gone.  Watch out Cathy, she has some big plans for manicures and swimming and playing with her dolly.

As excited as I am to finally meet Baby K and Baby L, I am equally stressed about leaving G through J.  We hope to be able to skype, but the internet connections are always unpredictable.  And we hope that the trip won't be more than week, but that is unpredictable as well.

I will try to blog frequently while I am on the trip and try to keep everyone up to date on our progress through email and Facebook.  I may not always be able to respond, but I can tell you from past experience that all your messages while we are away are a real lifeline through the stress and boredom.

I want to say again what a humbling and uplifting experience this adoption journey has been.  I've met people from all over the country.  We've been showered with generosity from strangers and friends alike.  We've had the lowest of lows and the highest of highs.  And through them all you have reached out to me with love and support and kindness and humor.  You've called and emailed.  You've sent me cards and stopped to hug me in the hallways at work.  You've slipped gifts into my pockets and whispered prayers into my ears.  Just this past weekend a strange woman came up to me at a pizza parlor and hugged me.  My kids were running around like maniacs as usual, but instead of staring blankly at us as many strangers do she pulled me close and said "I can see that your house is filled with many blessings and much joy." 

Oh my Lord, sometimes the chaos around here is enough to make me want to lock myself in a closet.  But the joy and the laughter is leaking out the windows and blowing the roof off.  And in a little over a week there will be even more.  More joy, more laughter, MORE LOVE.

Thank you for sharing a little of yours to bring so much to mine!

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