Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bigger and Littler

JoJo and Louise both had birthdays this summer.  JoJo is now two and Louise is one.  So it was time for their yearly well baby checkup and shots.  Both are happy and healthy and highly destructive little people.  They are both growing, but as we suspected one is getting bigger and one is getting littler.

Louise is in the 77% for height and the 88% for weight.  We knew that she and Kat were growing like weeds because they are both already in 24month/2T clothes.   But she is starting to even out.  She doesn't look quite so roly poly as she did at first.  And you can see a definite dimple in one of those chubby little cheeks.  Louise does not have as many words as the doctor expected her to, but she does a lot of communicating: screaming, hitting, biting, but also lots of laughing.  She is all "Mama's girl".  Now that school has started each day when I get home she is the first one to greet me at the door with a huge squeeze around my neck and a slobbery kiss on the mouth.  Louise is easily the most affectionate of our kiddos.  She has only been home 3 months, but she is so much a part of our family.  And to think that Louise was our 6th referral last year.  God obviously had a plan.

JoJo at two has a huge personality, but continues to be a little peanut.  He is in the 47% for weight, but only the 33% for height.  He's sort of like a Tasmanian Devil.  Always moving and leaving a path of destruction, but always with a smile on his face!  JoJo is a runner.  He's the kid we have to keep a vice grip on as we walk through parking lots.  He's the one that has to be carefully buckled into his seat at dinner or he will climb right across the table.  But he has such an infectious laugh that you can't help but forgive him we he breaks another dish or punches you in the eye.  JoJo is also not talking as much as we think he should be.  He does not appear to have a hearing problem, but he does have a pretty severe snoring problem.  We are going to have that looked at ASAP and that could be effecting his speech.  We're not too concerned yet.  He understands multi-step instructions and he is a very skilled problem solver.  He can outsmart most of the child safety devices in our house!

I have a feeling that Louise and JoJo are going to best friends (or worst enemies) as they get a bit older.  They are both full of the nick, big/bold/brash personalities.  And they seem to get along really well.  When JoJo is somewhere in the house getting into mischief you will usually find Louise standing by and taking notes for future reference.  They both make me laugh out loud when they're not making me tear my hair out.  Good thing it's already short!
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