Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tall Tales

Grace just told me the strangest story.  She drew a picture and said it was bones of her sister's cat.  I thought she meant it was a picture of Katriel's bones, but no she meant her sister's cat.  Her other sister, Polka Dots?

Confused yet?  I was.  Grace said she had another sister and 2 brothers.  They live in Heaven.  She said they're not sick or anything, they just live in Heaven, like it's a just different city you could visit if you were in the neighborhood.  Her sister's name is Polka Dots.  Hilarious.  If we adopt again I might skip the M/N/O and move straight to Polka Dots.  I asked if Polka Dots was from China, but she no, Polka Dots is from Wyoming (all white people are from Wyoming, like Mommy is).  Then she told me about her two brothers.  The oldest is named Speedy. He is from China.  The younger brother is named Pebbles.  He is Congolese.  They all live in Heaven with Polka Dots' pet cat, Zoe, and Grandma Grace (my grandmother, whom Grace was named for). 

Should I be worried?  Or does Grace have a budding career as a fiction writer?

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