Saturday, October 13, 2012

If You Thought My Birthday Sucked...

Last Saturday night was my birthday.  I was sick.  It wasn't pretty.

This Saturday, one week from birthday, I am still sick.  It has just gotten uglier.

On Wednesday I had to come home from work with a massive ear ache in my left ear.  I have never experienced anything like it.  It was like someone was stabbing me in the ear with a screwdriver.  At its worst I was literally screaming and crying in pain.  Now I know that I have a very low tolerance for pain, but I really don't know how I managed to drive myself home from work.  It was really bad.

I got in to see the doctor at 4pm and she said I an ear infection and likely a perforated eardrum.  She gave me antibiotics and ear drops.  But by the next day my other ear had flared up as well.  So now I was having pain in both ears and due to the drops I could not hear out of either ear.  And my ears are ringing uncontrollably from all the aspirin I've been taking.  Friday was more of the same.

Today, Brian finally went to the doctor for his 3 week old chest cold and found out he might have a case of pneumonia.  So he is on a bunch more medication and between the two of us we are hacking and wheezing and choking and sniffing with no end in sight.  I'm a little worried I'm going to run out of sick days before I make it to Thanksgiving!

On top of everything else, Haven emptied half a bottle of air freshener on to the floor of the bathroom.  He said he was cleaning it.  I am super freaky sensitive to things with scents and in general to aerosol products.  A squirt of Lysol can bring me to my knees.  I just can't breath the stuff.  So I walked into the bathroom and the air freshener nearly knocked me down.  Three hours later and my chest and throat are still burning. 

I am a mess.

So if you've been wondering why you haven't seen us at church, or work, or the grocery store, or you've wondered why we keep breaking dates with everyone, well now you know.  And the Wood's don't do anything in a small way, even when it comes to getting sick.
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