Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Sudden, Unexpected, and Very Early Demise of My Christmas Tree

For weeks Grace has been asking when it was going to be time to put up the Christmas Tree.  This is hands down her favorite part of Christmas.  Not the presents or the food, the sparkling, magical Christmas Tree.  So last night we cranked up the Christmas music play list and went to town.  We put up our medium sized, pre-lit, white flocked Christmas tree (which we bought because it looked to me like what a Christmas tree would look like if Dr Seuss designed it). 

Then we took out our gazillion plastic, multicolored Christmas tree bulbs and covered it.  We made sure not to put any bulbs where the babies could reach them (and there weren't any on the very top either because none of us could reach there).  I let Grace and Haven each decorate one half of the tree and I made sure not the micro-manage the arrangement of the bulbs, so Haven's half had all the ornaments all squeezed together on about 3 branches.  We put up the safety gate around the tree which we had also elevated up on our coffee table.  We were going to have a Very Merry Baby Proof Christmas!!! We danced and laughed and took pictures of our beautiful tree. What a happy night!

Before decorations

After decorations

So proud

We love Christmas...

...and each other

My beautiful side

My eclectic side

Our ridiculous and miserable failure of an attempt at a family portrait

And another one

And another

And then I got home from work this afternoon and found this in my garage.

My bare naked Christmas tree.  Not in my living room.  Not decorated.  Not being serenaded by Christmas tunes. 

Apparently the small tree climbing members of my family couldn't resist the twinkling lights and colorful bulbs.  They literally tore down the baby gate, jumped on the coffee table, and started climbing my freaking Christmas tree.  Brian said he tried to defend it as best he could but he knew if this went on for another 27 days that we would definitely be short one Christmas tree and possibly a few children.  So he took it down, undressed it, and put it in the garage.

I am oh so sad. 

Maybe I can just wrap Christmas lights around JoJo and plug him in every night.
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