Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh What a Night!

7:15pm--family takes a walk to the park and back.  Littles are in their jammies in case anyone falls asleep in the strollers.  No one does.

8:00pm--Manny, JoJo, Louise, Katriel--off to bed.  A little arguing from Louise, but pretty quiet. 

8:20--JoJo back up, wandering around the house, throwing things.  Clearly he was not tired yet.

9:00pm--Grace and Haven to bed.

9:20pm--JoJo back to bed again.

10:00pm--Carrie to bed

10:30pm--Brian to bed

10:33pm--Carrie hears a mouse or some other scurrying creature in the attic.  Brian cannot hear it.  How annoying.

12:04am--Louise is SCREAMING.  Carrie staggers into her room, gives her a bottle of milk, staggers back out.  Screaming stops.

12:30am--Grace is crying loudly.  Brian goes into her room, picks her up and carries her to our room.  Dumps her on our bed and wakes up Carrie.  Discovers Grace is probably crying because Louise is screaming again.  Changes Louise's diapers and goes to fix her another milk (doesn't know Carrie gave Louise milk 30 minutes ago). Returns with milk, Manny is now awake and holding his sippy cup up for a drink.  Gets Manny a drink.  Changes Manny's diaper.  Returns to bed.

1:30am--Brian gets a nosebleed.  It wakes him up, he gets up and goes to bathroom to investigate, then wakes Carrie up to let her know he had a nosebleed.

4:30am--Brian springs out of bed like he is on fire.  Turns out to be a severe leg cramp.  Wanders around bedroom trying to walk it off.

5:30am--Alarm goes off.  Suck suck suck.   Time to get up for work.
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