Monday, February 4, 2013

Why My Winning the Lottery Would Be Good for the Economy

Admit it.  You've done it before.  Sat around daydreaming about what you would do if you won the lottery.  Picturing the new car, the mansion, the yacht.  Well, my daydreams may not be quite as glamorous, but boy oh boy do I have a lot of ideas.

So here is my plan for improving the economy by winning the lottery:
  • First, I would start a foundation working to improve the lives of orphans throughout the world.  This would be a full time job, so I would have to leave my current position to work from home.  This would mean that at least one new person would have a job to replace me.  I think I would probably also need to hire several other wonderful mamas to help me run my foundation.  And of course, Brian, so lots of new jobs are being created.
  • One of the things my foundation would do would be to create a sewing co-op for unemployed or underemployed women in Congo.  More Love Mama goes global!!!
  • Another project would be to create a special home/orphanage/hospital for HIV positive kids in Congo.  Kristie Craig, you're in charge of this project.  You'll need to hire a few people, too!
  • Because I am working from home I would need a little more room.  So we would probably need to build a slightly larger house (we are about to explode out of our kitchen/eating area).  We would need to build because I don't really want more bedrooms, just larger rooms.  I still want my kids to grow up sharing rooms.  Its a philosophical thing.  So we would be employing a construction crew, etc to build the new house.
  • We could then give our old house away to a family that really needs a step up, sort of like a Habitat for Humanity house.  So some other family would have more spending power because they wouldn't have a house payment.
  • Our larger house is on a slightly larger piece of land.  I would like to raise a few chickens.  Maybe a goat or two.  This would improve US agriculture growth, right?
  • I think we would probably adopt one more child, from China (because if we win the lottery, we will definitely qualify to adopt).  That would mean a lot of money to the US government, a little money to China, and a pretty healthy chunk to the airline industry.
  • We'll probably need a slightly bigger van.  So a large amount will go to the auto industry.  We can then give our van to another family that needs the space and help their economy.
What do you think?  Does it sound like a solid plan???  All I have to do now is buy the ticket?  Which for me is the hardest part!  I never gamble.  So what I need is for God to just whisper in my ear "Go forth and buy your ticket now!" or something else very burning-bush-like.  Then we can set this all in motion and put the economy back on track!  Ready, set, go!!!
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