Friday, March 29, 2013

I Wanna Go to Summit 9

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A few years ago Brian and I attended an adoption conference in Austin, Texas.  It was held not long after we had brought Haven home.  We were at a point in our lives where we were really examining ourselves, our future, our purpose.  We had two children through international adoption, but we felt moved to do more. MORE. 
So we attended Summit and it rocked our world.  We came back home and threw ourselves into the cause of orphan care.  We joined an extraordinary organization called Our Family in Africa.  We researched, we fund-raised, we advocated.  And we went on to adopt 4 more kids. 
My life is full and extraordinary...and yet on this Good Friday I'm feeling a little melancholy.  On this day last year my husband was leaving for Congo to have the first meeting with our two baby girls.  On Easter Sunday I was here at home at an Easter egg hunt and Brian was holding my little Louise as she suffered with a case of malaria.  About two months later, on Mother's Day,  they would finally be in our home.  Our forever family of 8 was complete.
So now what.  That is what I am frequently asking myself.  My six babies have been spared a lifetime in an orphanage, but what about the millions left behind.  I need some direction.  I need a way to focus this energy.  I need to go back to Summit 9.
So to the folks at the Summit 9 Blogger Contest--please pick me.  I hope I'm not getting this to you too late.  With 6 kids, I have to wait until everyone is in bed before I can fire up the computer.  Also, for what it's worth, I have a credit with Southwest Airlines that will expire in May if I don't use it. 
Pick me! Pick me!
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