Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Kids Are Irritating, How Bout Yours???

Lest you think its all rainbows and bunnies and cotton candy scented diapers around here, let me set the record straight--my kids are irritating. 

Keepin' it real.

I should probably preface this by saying that I have been a little more irritable than normal lately.  Allergy season is kicking my butt!  It's theatre competition season at school so I'm working later and more days than normal.  We just finished spring break and I'm never really ready to go back to work after a fun filled week of vacation.  So maybe it's me.  But then again, no, it's them. 

Grace has turned into an obnoxious teenager.  Suddenly she doesn't like any of her clothes. She will only wear dresses and she won't wear anything that is the color green, brown, beige, black, or yellow.  She also will not wear anything that is striped, plaid, or plain.  If she has to wear pants, she will only wear jeans.  No colored pants allowed. 

And she will pretty much only eat meat, white rice, or sugar!  Ugggg!

Ok, she does look adorable in dresses.
Haven whines a lot.  A LOT!  Also, he has this ratty old orange blanket that he has been carrying around for the last 3 years.  He takes it out of bed with him every morning and leaves it on the floor all over the house.  Usually at the entrance to the kitchen.  Where I will step on it, or more likely, trip on it.  I have threatened frequently to take it out in the street and run over it.  That doesn't seem to help.

Creepy orange blanket.

JoJo gets up too stinking early.  And he wakes up in an irritatingly good mood.  This may sound a little crazy, but JoJo is probably my least irritating kid right now.  His tonsil/adenoid surgery has turned him into a new man!!!


Manny has tantrums.  He will let out these blood curdling screams that you are sure will break the windows.  He will then throw himself on the ground, face against the carpet (or grass, or cement, depending on the location of the tantrum).  The face to floor tantrums, are actually the good kind.  He's just laying their screaming and after a few minutes he'll pull himself together and stop. But sometimes he will start to throw things.  Pretty much anything he can reach at the moment.  Shoes, sippy cups, dirty diapers.  These are the bad kind.  Manny was in time out 4 times before breakfast this morning.  Once for nailing Kat in the head with his milk.  This is irritating.

Happy Manny :)

Scary Manny!

Kat likes to pull Haven and JoJo's twisties.  This one doesn't irritate me so much (sort of cracks me up actually), but it makes Haven whine like crazy!  She also likes to snack on baby wipes.  She'll empty out a whole container onto the floor and suck the moisture out of them.  Yes, she's getting plenty to drink.  She also likes to eat the shampoo off her head and lick the lotion off her skin.  She obviously has a weird craving for perfume scented products???

No, she does not have a wipe stuck in her throat.

Louise has the most annoying habit hands down.  Louise does not like to sleep.  EVER.  She doesn't like to nap, she doesn't like to go to bed at night.  Maybe she doesn't need as much sleep as other humans, sort of like my friend Scotty.  He only needs 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night and the rest of the time he's just wide awake being a genius.   This will be fine if she turns out to be a genius, but for right now she's just an irritating, non-sleeping toddler.  One of the things that seems to keep her from sleeping at nap time is poop.  Almost without fail not long after she goes down for her nap, she will have a poopy diaper.  This is apparently very irritating to her, so she takes off her poopy diaper.  And performs some sort of tribal dance around it, usually steping in it.  Though sometimes she chooses to smear it on the back of the bedroom door. Or her hair.  We have started putting her in onsie pajamas at nap time so that she can't get to her diaper.

This one is full of the Nick!

AND...every last one of them has had a runny nose this week!!! 

But they're mine.  And they're so darned adorable!!!  Especially when they're all asleep, like here in the maxi-van.

Ignore trail of trash on the floor.

So what amusing, endearing, and highly irritating habits do your kids have?
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