Monday, July 29, 2013

JoJo Turns Three and Keeps Our World Spinning

For the last month and a half I have lived with three 2 year olds in my house.  Louise turned 2 in June and Manny doesn't turn 3 until September.

Three 2 year olds.  Makes you tired just reading it, doesn't it.

Thankfully, JoJo turned 3 last week.  Miraculously, he has become calm, cool, and easier to get alone with.  Nahhhh!  Just kidding!  He’s still as squirrelly and “spirited” as ever.

But….he’s not nearly as small as we thought.  Our sweet little peanut has moved up to walnut or maybe even pecan!  At his well-child visit we found out he is has grown a ton this last year.  In height he grew from the 33rd percentile to the 66th percentile.  And in weight he went from the 47th percentile to the 81st percentile. 

He got a lot taller and A LOT heavier.  Funny thing is we didn't really notice.  I think it is because next to Manny he is still just a little peanut.  He's like a miniature horse standing next to a Clydesdale.  And like a miniature horse he is SOOO stinkin' cute.  

We had JoJo and Manny evaluated a few months ago because they seemed to be a bit language delayed. The evaluation came back OK.  They may not be knocking the top of the SAT anytime soon, but neither of them qualified for any services, so I guess we're on track.  And what JoJo lacks in verbal skills he certainly makes up for in odd noises and pure volume.  He is one noisy noisy boy!  His favorite noise is to imitate the back up alarm on our maxi-van:  BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP

For his birthday, JoJo got lots of new cars, trucks, and other things that move.  Like his own roller coaster! He also got his own vacuum cleaner.  Now this might seem like a self serving gift, but JoJo really loves to help.  He's not very good at it, but he loves to do it.  So we figured we had better cash in on this passion of his before it passes.  And we figured with a vacuum, even if he wasn't very efficient from time to time he would manage to pick up a little dirt off the carpet.

Below are some pics of the big day and two little video clips to give you a smile.  Hope you enjoy JoJo's birthday.  He had a great day, too!

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