Friday, October 18, 2013

And Then The POOP Hit The Fan

I haven't blogged in 11 days.  It's been one of those stretches where life just got in the way.  Family visit, sick kids, work, everything kept interfering with me getting a nice quiet moment of writing time.  I still haven't found the time but I need to write this one while the smell of poop is still fresh in my nostrils.

I got home from work about an hour ago and found the house quiet.  Everyone was napping.  So I tip toed around putting down my bags, creeping quietly so I could enjoy a few minutes of sewing in peace. I'm very close to having a project finished for my friend Katie and I wanted to get it knocked out before bedtime tonight so I could get it in the mail tomorrow.  Sorry Katie, maybe Monday.

Anyway, just before I stepped into my shop I heard the stirrings of Kat and Louise.  The light was on in their room.  Never a good sign.  I thought about letting them play quietly for a few minutes, but then they started to rattle the door knob.  I'd been found out.  They could hear me outside the door.  So I opened the door just a crack so I could play a little peek a boo with them.  I saw this little face.

Then I was nearly knocked to my knees by the smell of poop. EVERYWHERE. Poop.

I was going to insert a picture here of the bio-hazard site but the images might have been too much for my readers with week stomachs. I Googled "poop images", but they were too gross, even for me, even the cartoon poop.  So you'll just have to use your imaginations.

I opened the door slowly and discovered that the room was literally covered in poop.  OMGoodness.  

Standing the middle of the explosion was diaper-less Louise and her accomplice Katriel.  COVERED IN POOP. I whisked them off to the bathtub, scrubbed them down and then went back to assess the damage. Both sets of bunk bed frames, sheets, blankets, plus 4 pillows and pillow cases--covered in poop.  Three out of four walls--smeared with poop. The bedroom curtains--defiled with poop.  The back of the door--a giant poop mural.  The toy box--finger painted with poop. Dozens of toys--poopified.  The carpet--a giant, scary poop minefield.  Louise is our own personal IED.

And then I saw it, laying on its back next to the door, minding its own business.  The Fan.  The sh*T had literally hit the fan. 

Happy Friday.  Hope you have a poop free weekend.  I know I've had my fill!
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