Monday, December 23, 2013

The Sixteen Days of Christmas (Vacation)--Day 3--Mugshot Monday Holiday Edition

OK, if you are a keen observer of detail you may have noticed that my Fourteen Days of Christmas just jumped to Sixteen Days.  Brian pointed out to me yesterday after I posted my blog entry that I actually get 16 days off of school.  Good thing I don't teach math!

So today I have even more reason to celebrate because I've used 2 of my vacation days and I still have 14 left!  WhoooooHOOOOO!

Today I wanted to share our family holiday photos with you.  My extraordinarily patient photographer friend, Lea Kohn (yes, you can hire her, too) spent an excruciating morning with my clan.  I was totally expecting ZERO usable pictures, that's how spastic my kids were that morning.  But she worked miracles and below is an assortment of her lovely work!

Worn out, but still laughing!  Hope your family photo session was as fruitful as mine :)
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