Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Random Act of Kindness

My kids are all still basically in the "id" stage of their development.  Everything in their world is "me, me, me!" So when you start to see those tiny little glimpses of maturity creeping in it can be so very very lovely.

Today when I got home from school Grace met me at the door, very excited to present me with a gift. She and Haven had carefully wrapped it in tissue paper and put a bow on it.

It wasn't anything extraordinary.  In fact, it's simplicity is part of what made it so very special.

It was a little tube of lip balm.

That's it.

I had mentioned last night that my lips had gotten very chapped at work since I was back in an air-conditioned building all day long and they hurt a lot. But I had run out of lip balm while on one of our camping trips and hadn't replaced the tube yet.

And Grace remembered that.

And she told Brian while they were at the grocery store this morning that I needed more lip balm and insisted that they get some.  And she wrapped it up as a sweet little gift to surprise me when I got home.

I know this is so silly, but just typing this up is making me cry.  My little girl took care of me today.  She thought of me, worried about me, and loved me so much......

that she got me lip balm.

Oh, my heart.  I hope this tube of classic cherry lasts a good long time.
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