Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy Birthday to Boo

A big, giant, enormous happy fourth birthday to my sweet little Manny Boo Bear!

Manny turned  4 last week and thank goodness he's only four or he might have realized that he had the most anti-climactic birthday "party" in the history of parties.  Brian was sick in bed with strep throat all day and all night, so Manny's birthday consisted of drive thru from McDonald's, a lack luster grocery store cake, and some kinda shoved in a gift bag wrapped presents.  Brian got up just long enough help me light the candles and sing Happy Birthday and then he headed back to bed.

So my darling youngest baby boy continues to grow like a weed.  He is in the 85th percentile in both height and weight.  He is getting tall and slender and he has finally grown out of his baby fluffiness and awkwardness.  But he still eats like he has a hollow leg!

A lot of things have changed about Manny's personality this year. He is a lot more joyful and a lot less emotional.  He has turned that corner from toddler to kid. He is funny and playful and intelligent. He still loves to drum, but he also loves to read and play with his Leapfrog.  Over this summer he has turned into a world class swimmer.

This year Manny and JoJo are doing pre-k together at a lovely little church school.  We weren't sure how he would take to it, and mornings are a little tough, but in general he seems to really like school.

Manny's favorite person is Haven.  He loves to do whatever Haven is doing!  He also has a soft spot for his baby sister, Kat.

His favorite color is blue!  OK, its more than a favorite, it a crazy obsession.  Nobody else had better try and drink out of Manny's blue cup at dinner!!!

This little man has been a tough nut to crack. He still is not my most cuddly kid.  He a really hard start in life.  But he always wants to say a prayer and give me a big wet kiss at bedtime.  Melts. My. Heart!!!

Happy Birthday, Immanuel.  You're a special little angel to your mama!

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