Monday, October 20, 2014

Birthday Season is Finally Over! Happy Birthday Haven and Kat

I know, I know!  You're thinking, "when will Carrie ever write about anything besides birthdays???" Well, birthday season is now officially over.  The next birthday won't come to our house until March! It may take me that long to recover, too!

Kat with her new dolly, wearing her new skirt, one new boot, and her new facial hair.
My twins :) had their birthday last week.  Haven is now 6 years old and Katriel is 3 years old.  It was a hard milestone for me.  With my baby turning three, it feels like there are officially no more babies in my house.  Boohoo!

The kids had their well baby visit to the doctor today and it turns out my big boy isn't as big as he used to be.  Haven is now in the 23rd percentile for height and the 58th for weight.  But he is not a chubby short guy.  He is one rock solid little muscle man.  And oh so handsome!

Haven's faves right now are the color green, radio control cars, his orange blanket, and of course, big sister Grace.

Katriel is my big little mama.  She is in the 97th percentile in height and the 95th in weight.  This is the same track she had been on since before we brought her home.  Our doctor also said she is extremely articulate for her age. Which didn't surprise us.  After all, she never stops talking, singing, and mimicking every word her big brothers and sisters say.  She is getting plenty of practice.

Kat's faves include the color pink, baby dolls, Hello Kitty (go figure!) and cuddling with Mama and Daddy!

It was a sweet birthday weekend for my kiddos.  Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Cathy came for a 3 day weekend visit.  Which meant there were a quadrillion more presents, more noise, more chaos. And more fun!

My little boy is getting so grown up.  He is now ready to slay dragons.......

......or the criminal underworld.  Shaft!

It also meant that Brian and I got a date out without kids.  We ate Indian food and went to Ikea.  Not every one's idea of romance, but Brian knows the way to my heart--spicy food and furniture shopping :)

So obviously my favorite gift of the day was the bag of mustaches.

You can't help but laugh at them.  
 Unfortunately, wearing a fake mustache makes me look like I also have a fake nose!

In this season of birthdays we have also had a season of sick kids and parents. In the days leading up to the relatives visiting we had 2 vomiting kids,  Since they left, another puker, and a case of strep throat.  Holy moly, I am hoping that sick season will be over soon, too.

So I promise, I have more in the works in the next few weeks.  We have another camping trip planned (always great blog material) and we are renovating our garage into a playroom/sensory input room.  I'm very excited to share that with you.

The OFA Holiday Auction is coming up soon so I'll be dropping a hint or two about that (anyone have anything cool to donate?  Hint, hint, hint)  And if we can ever get everyone well enough, I'm sure we'll leave the house eventually and have some more adventures.

Until then, I think I am going to bed!

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