Tuesday, December 16, 2014


It has been over a month since my last post!  OMGGGGGoodness!  Why is time flying by like this!

Well, I had to come visit to tell you a funny story.

Grace and I went Christmas shopping last night.  She and Haven now get a weekly allowance so we decided it was time they start to buy their own gifts for their siblings.  Grace is buying for Daddy and the boys and Haven will buy for me and the girls.

So we had finished our shopping at Target (by the way, she did a brilliant job and bought each boy a perfect and thoughtful gift) and we needed to stop by Petsmart to buy some dog supplies.

As we drove down the parking lot Grace said to me "Mama, if I were an animal and had fur, what kind of animal do you think I'd be?"

I said, "I think you would be a dog (she LOVES dogs) or maybe a horse."

Stupidly, I said to Grace, "So Grace, if I were an animal and had fur, what kind of animal do you think I'd be?"

She paused for a moment and then with great certainty in her voice she said "Mama, I think you would be a cow."

What the what???? A cow??? That is not the answer I was hoping for! A red fox maybe. A gazelle. Heck, I could have even lived with a hamster.

I said, "Oh really?!? Why do you think I would be a cow???"

"Well", she said, "You're big like a cow!"

I changed the subject then. It didn't seem like the conversation was going to do anything more to improve my self-esteem.  Having kids, in general, is not so good for ones self-image sometimes.

But come on!  A cow???? Really?????

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