Sunday, June 28, 2015

Four x Three = The Crazy Month of June

Each year for the month of June I have three kids that are the same age.  When Louise has her birthday at the beginning of June and we wait for JoJo's birthday to come in July, we have our month of CRAZY! As of this moment Louise, JoJo and Manny are all 4 years old!

Louise's birthday was a pretty low key affair.  All she wanted for her birthday was a cake and a new dress.  I'm sure her demands will get much bigger as time goes on.

I'm not suggesting that Louise is not demanding!  Holy smokes, does this girl have a mind of her own!!!

Louise is intense.  She laughs hard, cries hard, plays hard, fights hard.  

She also loves with all her heart.  She is the first in the house to share food or a toy, or come running with a band aid or a big hug when someone is hurt.

She LOVES clothes and many mornings she arrives at the breakfast table all decked out like she is headed to prom.  But she is not prissy or delicate.  She is just as likely to wear that fancy dress out in the backyard to jump on the trampoline as she is to dance around like a princess in front of a mirror.

She also LOVES to have her picture taken.  Below are some shots of an impromptu photo shoot after a long day in the pool.  Please don't judge the hair.  Just concentrate on those eyes.  Jeez Louise, she has got some eyes!

Happy birthday to my stunning little beauty.  Sometimes you make me crazy, but you always fill my heart!

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