Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Adding a Little Elbow Room

So last summer, just before we hit the road for our family reunions (literally the week before) Brian turned to me one night and said...

"Let's convert the garage into a playroom for the kids!"

And I said, "Heck ya!" because Brian rarely wants to do the same crazy home improvement projects that I want to do.  So before he could change his mind, we dove in and headed to the hardware store.

And that was about a year ago.

Yes, it took us close to a year to finish the project.  That's just how things roll when you have six amazing helpers like we do :)

The first part of the project went pretty quickly.  Over one week, we enclosed the garage so that one side was still for storage, one side was for the playroom, and the back was sort of the hallway that connected it all to the house.

Hurry, before he changes his mind!
Lots of helpers!

Our first wall down the center of the garage.  So exciting!

Grace drawing her architectural plans for the project. 

More helpers.

The supervisor.

And then we added a door!

Roughed in.
They were so excited they insisted on watching a movie in there together the first night.

Then it took awhile before we got around to painting.  After paint we laid the foam floor and hung those 2 super cool swing chairs!  I LOVE those chairs.

Getting her swing on!
You can get these at Ikea.  Every kid should have a swing in their house!
Foam floor, hanging chairs and super sized bean bags!
But the really cool part of this room is the castle in the corner. It's two levels high and runs from floor to ceiling.  It has a rope ladder on the inside and a ramp on the outside.  It is carpeted inside and at some point I want to paint in there, too.  And maybe add some curtains.  On the outside of one wall of the castle is our family art gallery, where the kids can create and hang any of their latest masterpieces.

There's really cool hidey hole under the stairs, too!
Our masterpiece gallery.
We have the Congo and China flags up along with some maps.  And of course, a giant spot to store shoes.  We have a lot of shoes!

So, there you have it!  A kids paradise.  A place to swing, a place to climb, a place to pretend.  And a place to put on your shoes!  What more could we ask for?  Hmmmmm?  Maybe it's time to start converting the attic???

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