Sunday, August 13, 2017

Last Day of Summer

Today was my last day of summer vacation.

My last sleep in.

My last morning to drink coffee in my jammies as long as I want...and then go back and have another cup.

My last bacon and eggs on toast...served around 10am.

My last long swim in the pool.

My last family movie night.

My last tuck in and cuddle and goodnight kiss before a very early morning that comes way too soon for a night owl like me.

I know, I know, this all sounds very melodramatic for those of you who aren't teachers. For those of you that don't spend all summer with your kids.  For those of you who have kids that you are eagerly sending off to school tomorrow.  Yes, I can still swim in the pool. Yes, I can still drink coffee in the morning. No, my kids aren't going to forget who I am by tomorrow afternoon.

But honestly, tonight will be one of the hardest nights of my year. Because leaving my kids tomorrow....holy smokes it sure is making me drip on my keyboard right now.

I guess I'd better get some sleep.  But first, one more round of goodnight kisses.
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