Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Remember How I Used to Write a Blog

I know it's hard to remember that far back, but I used to write a blog.  Quite faithfully, in fact.  I used to write at least once a week.  And then once a month. And then at least for every birthday.  And then...

Well, then life got more complicated, and busier. And hectic, and stressful.

And my blog seemed pretty unimportant because I was pretty busy living my complicated, hectic, stressful life and I didn't have a lot of extra energy to sit down and reflect on it.

But I think I need some reflection.  I need to vent and share and celebrate and complain and cry and get angry and get happy and just get it all out.  Because in real life I'm not really very good at getting it all out.

So I'm going to try this blogging thing again.

And here is my first vent: over the course of a whole summer of family pics, I couldn't get all six of my kids to look at the camera or look happy at the same time.  Darn kids.  Just look at the freakin' camera.  Just say !@#$%& cheese and smile!

Manny, look at the camera!

Thanks, Manny!
What is with the arms???

Really, bunny ears!  How mature.

And I look fluffy in every picture.  Because I got fatter instead of thinner, like I planned. Boooooo! Maybe next summer.

For those of you who follow these sorts of things, my kids are getting big.  They are now 10, 8, 7, 6, 6, and 5.  Sheeesh.  This growing up thing is freaking me out.  But more on that in another blog post.

Well, that's probably enough blogging for one day.  See you soon.  I promise.  Sometime before next year.
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