Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hurry Home Daddy

Brian is coming home to us tomorrow. We have missed him so desparately!!! He called this afternoon to let me know that everything was done, all paperwork filed, bags packed, and he was ready to get on that plane tomorrow morning. He will fly from Kinshasa to Johannesburg tomorrow, stay the night there, and then head home to the US on Saturday. He will reach home right around lunchtime!!! The trip home should be quite an adventure. Haven has developed a case of, shall we say, traveler's stomach...., and he hasn't even taken a trip yet! That could be a real challenge on the plane. Brian plans to double diaper! Hope that works. It could be a real memorable trip for the people sitting near them on the plane!

Just for good measure, a couple of Grace pics. A day at the park and a slumber party with Grandpa.

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